Detox Diet Package

Phil Davis Personal Training Chester can help you. Due to our modern, hectic lifestyles our bodies are continually overloaded with toxins from pollution, cigarette smoke, pesticides, poor diet, food additives and cosmetics, alcohol and caffeine This increased toxicity within our bodies can overload many of our metabolic processes which can in turn lead to increased health problems can occur such as weight gain, cellulite, headaches, dull skin, bloating, fatigue, lowered immunity, aches and pains, and a general lack of wellbeing. The process of detoxing through diet helps to remove these toxins from the body resulting in;

- Weight loss.
- Increased physical and mental performance.
- Improved energy levels
- Improved skin, hair and nails.
- Reduced bloating and fatigue.
- Improved immunity.
- A general overall feeling of wellbeing.

This package is tailored to clients looking to kick start their weight loss programme and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

This package aims to provide clients with;

Information and understanding on toxins and the effect they have of the body.
Toxicity symptom questionnaires and evaluations focusing on heavy metal.
Chemical, mycological, gastrointestinal and liver toxicity.
Antioxidant and detoxification capacity questionnaires to evaluate levels of antioxidants within current eating plans and toxin exposure.
Detox journals, plan trackers and reintroduction logs.
Shopping lists, recipe ideas and cooking tips.
Detox-supporing nutrient guides and toxicology tools.

This package also gives BONUS material including;

Vitamin and mineral supplementation.
Nutritional advice for over 40 common health conditions.
Health benefits of over 160 superfoods.

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*Please note that the nutritional and physical guidelines given in this package are designed to restore and promote health and fitness and do NOT, under any circumstance, aim to replace medical advice. If you are currently under medical supervision for any dietary or physical condition please consult your doctor or medical practioner before purchasing this package.

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