Nutrition, Lifestyle and Wellbeing

Nutrition and the stress of modern life are becoming the major stumbling blocks clients encounter on their journey to a healthy lifestyle and with limited time for planning meals many clients are finding themselves living on a diet of stress, caffeine, alcohol and processed food. This trend of high stress and nutrient deficient diets are becoming a prominent feature in modern society and with obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and mental health all on the increase a vitamin and mineral rich diet and a healthy lifestyle are becoming ever more essential.

Phil Davis Personal Training Chester believe strongly in the importance of nutrition and lifestyle and how it plays a significant role in achieving physical performance and overall wellbeing. Drawing on his expertise as an Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Specialist, Sports and Performance Nutritional coach, Nutritional Therapist and Detox Specialist Phil has a holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing and aims to pass on his knowledge so clients can make informed decisions on their diet enabling them to making positive changes to promote a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

There numerous options available for those who want a more comprehensive nutritional plan and these can be designed for those wishing to lose weight, build muscle, competing in sporting event and for general health and wellbeing. Phil’s nutritional therapy and dietary protocols can be used in conjunction with personal training sessions or used on their own as a means of facilitating health, correcting nutritional deficiencies and alleviate health symptoms.

Clinical Weight Loss Package

This is a nutritional package designed for clients who have a continual struggle with their weight and eating habits and are wanting a measured, structured and progressive approach to weight loss. This package is a long term approach to weight loss focussing on key areas such as;

- The dangers and health conditions associated with being overweight.
- Body composition assessments and metabolic analysis.
- Optimal weight, goal setting and weight gain probability.
- The psychology behind successful weight loss, including your own weight loss personality.
- Understanding the role of hormones in weight loss and weight gain.
- Understanding the role carbohydrates, proteins and fats play in weight control.
- The relationship between sugar, insulin and weight gain.
- The glycaemic index (GI) of foods and satiety.
- Low GI, low carb or protein for weight loss.
- Determining food addiction and food intolerances.
- How to plan a weight loss diet and designing personalised meal plans.

This package is offered on individual basis with weekly 1 hour 1 to 1 sessions with weigh in and measurements taken to record weight loss progress. Group sessions are also offered as part of this package in the form of tutorials and can be produced for companies hoping to educate their workforces on the benefits of healthy weight and diet.

This package aims to give clients;

- Measured and structured weight reduction over a specified and agreed period of time.
- Knowledge and understanding on weight gain and the tools need to control weight gain.
- Weight control questionnaires and behavioural and emotional evaluations to assess and explain current eating habits.
- Diet plans specifically tailored to your metabolism and weight reduction goal.
- Exercise guidelines and specific dietary advice for weight reduction.
- Diet log, journals and reintroduction tools to monitor weight loss.
- Constant support and motivation throughout the programme.

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*Please note that the nutritional and physical guidelines given in this package are designed to restore and promote health and fitness and do NOT, under any circumstance, aim to replace medical advice. If you are currently under medical supervision for any dietary or physical condition please consult your doctor or medical practioner before purchasing this package.

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